Thursday, 21 October 2010

Another Day..

So Halloweens just round the corner, Playboy bunnies it is.. we are a classy block I tell you! Pretty wild weekend I had at home, but let's not get into that! We decorated the 'useless room' today its cute, its looking very Halloweeny, which is awesome for our Halloween party. Start my new job on Saturday pml. Should be a laugh. Gamestation hahaha I know nothing about. This weekend we are baking, thrilling as it is.. brownies for all! We're thinking pet seamonkeys for the flat, little Humphrys swimming around! Spent most of today recovering from my episode of Shingles and cleaning! Finding Nemo 2 is aparently coming out I AM SO EXCITED! waaahoooooo!! highlight of my life at the moment!!

Thats allll :) Peaceeeeee.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Student life

Well as eating beans and cans of soup for over a month now has been more than thrilling I simply can't wait to get home to the comforts of the bath tub and my mum's cooking, the menu is in! Life here's been pretty awsome can't say i've partied as much as i had expected bjut im really looking forward to starting the more creative side to the course. So far marketings been pretty dier, and as for photoshop? I'm pretty sure my computer hates me. Kinda like Contemperal Contextural Studies as we get to broaden our knowladge on the wider scale of fashion, this helps tie in with marketing and photoshop. Found a few great magazine pages and also both which I found interesting and inspiring.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

My First Blog!

So, today I created my first blog. This was after my failed attempt of buying the equipment on the equipment list which was mailed through to me. I gave up after two hours of trying to login and ordered a catalogue! Hopefully this will work. Have to go into town again tomorrow to attempt and ask W H Smiths to order in my magazine which i need to use as research for my project, as nowhere seems to sell one single copy which is rather frustraiting! After two nose bleeds whilst searching on-line for these magazines I decided i would order one in. Pretty excited for moving out in 17 sleeps! I should start packing next week but knowing myself ill leave it until last minute. God knows how long ill survive on a diet of waffles and beans, no matter how many attempts mother sloan trys in teaching me to cook it is not going to work! I'm like the black sheep of the family everyone else is or has been some form of chef! Think this is all i have to say for today! :)

Siobhan Sloan :)