Thursday, 21 October 2010

Another Day..

So Halloweens just round the corner, Playboy bunnies it is.. we are a classy block I tell you! Pretty wild weekend I had at home, but let's not get into that! We decorated the 'useless room' today its cute, its looking very Halloweeny, which is awesome for our Halloween party. Start my new job on Saturday pml. Should be a laugh. Gamestation hahaha I know nothing about. This weekend we are baking, thrilling as it is.. brownies for all! We're thinking pet seamonkeys for the flat, little Humphrys swimming around! Spent most of today recovering from my episode of Shingles and cleaning! Finding Nemo 2 is aparently coming out I AM SO EXCITED! waaahoooooo!! highlight of my life at the moment!!

Thats allll :) Peaceeeeee.

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